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Finally, Kisses you can mail!

Finally, Kisses you can mail! | SOCK DOGGO

In these crazy times, we could all use a little more love.
And who doesn’t love Dog Kisses?

We can send your loved ones some of the sweetest Dog Kisses as a gift from you.
It’s an easy, affordable way to surprise and delight the ones you love.



And while we have you, I want to tell you the story about how the Dog Kisses came to be.

It’s my mission to create fun socks for people who love love love their doggos.

But it’s also important to me to do good in the world, share my good fortune, and support other small businesses wherever I can.

Meet Elena. She created our Dog Kisses, right here in the USA.


Elena holding a lip balm and smiling
Elena is an Expat from Spain. I met her on Instagram. Crazy, right?

I was scrolling the ‘Gram, and saw a post about her business https://localkissesfrom.com/

Elena makes USDA Organic lip balms that tick all the boxes. Cruelty free, 40% recycled plastic, and she donates to RESCUES and Women’s Shelters. I was SOLD.

Good news,  they’re also yummy. perfect.
Elena holding a lip balm in front of a Portland gift shoppe
I went to Elena’s website, and then I sent her a message. We chatted for a bit, and then Dog Kisses were born!

You see, Elena started her business because she has friends in many different States and she missed them.

And she wanted to create a small gift that was modern, and useful and cute.

Light and easy to send in the mail, but full of meaning. A loving gift that will warm hearts everywhere.

Local Kisses was born in Seattle, X years ago. “Kisses from the Space Needle” was one her first wholesale orders. Elena remembers gathering up her courage to ask them for the order, and then just about having a heart attack when they said yes.

Now you can find Elena’s Kisses at Tourist attractions, and Boutiques across the country.


"Your loved ones will have a reminder every time they use their Dog Kisses!"

- Elena Nebreda, www.localkissesfrom.com


Grab Them Here! 

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