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The Sock Doggo Story

Hi, I’m Susan. I’m a wife, mom, entrepreneur, online educator, philanthropist, and lover of all things cosy. Especially socks!

More than just keeping your footsies toasty...

...beautifully designed socks make a statement, and feel uniquely you.

Socks are the new T-shirts! It’s fun to add a personal and bold touch to your get-up, whether you're on your way to work, or lounging at home.

Here at Sock Doggo we’re all about paying homage to your precious doggos with well made and adorable socks.

People often ask me what kind of dog I own. The answer is: none. I’m wildly allergic!

While I can’t have a pup, I CAN build the little sock company I’d been dreaming of.

Creating socks for people who really love their dogs is fun!

But can I tell you a little secret?

I’m a serial entrepreneur.

Sock Doggo is only my current baby. Over the past 30 years I’ve created multiple successful product businesses.

Running a business is hard work... but one of the best things about working for yourself is the luxury of a flexible work week.

When I look back, I feel fortunate I was able to work from home when my kids were small.

It was truly a blessing I don’t take for granted today.

That’s why I also teach women how to build profitable online businesses.

I help other Moms build financial freedom, and get more time to spend with their little ones.

It's a passion of mine.

Women don’t have to choose between career and family. I’m proof!

So I’m building Sock Doggo with a mission that’s two fold: make fun socks for people who really love their pups, WHILE sharing the whole process.

I’m opening the door, and showing exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

Sharing how I’m building Sock Doggo step by step, and in real time - it's the kind of resource I wish I had, when first starting out on my entrepreneurial journey.

After 30+ years of entrepreneurship, it is the most rewarding work of my career.

If you’d like to watch Sock Doggo climb to our first $50k in sales, join me here:

Follow The Roadmap to 50K Shopify Project/

Sock Doggo is a people first Company right down to the making of our products.

We’re committed to providing a living wage to a group of women in Istanbul, Turkey.

Izabela Erşahin, my friend and client, is the founder of Sector 7.

Many of the women working with Izabela are refugees, and are rebuilding their lives. Sadly, traditional employment is not available to them.

Sector 7 provides training in the assembly and making of beautiful products, in a safe environment, where children are always welcome.

Work is flexible and pays a living wage. Allowing these incredible and resilient women to provide for their families.

I believe every mother should be able to support her family, and watch her children grow. I am proud to collaborate with Sector 7 for the making of Sock Doggo products.

Susan Bradley

"If you get, Give. If you learn, Teach" ~Maya Angelou

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