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Kitty the Dachshund - One of our New Celeb Doggos

Kitty the Dachshund - One of our New Celeb Doggos | SOCK DOGGO

Introduccccccing *drumroll please*

Kitty, Honey and Sophie!

I know you're gonna love them!

This lovable Dachshund has a wonderful family, including her real sister and Mom. Which we think is just great!


Here they are, showing off their Holiday socks in a super cool gift box.

You can grab your own box here

Be sure to follow them @kittythedachshund on Instagram

Aren't they all so cute!

Here's the story of how they created their little family:

Their mom, Stephanie, REALLY wanted a dachshund and found Kitty from a local breeder.

But you all know that ONE doxie is never enough.

So the search was on for a brother or sister for Kitty.

Stephanie went back to the same breeder, but she was disappointed when the pup that she really wanted wasn't available.

But then, the breeder told Stephanie that the mother (Sophie) of the litter was going to be retired after her next litter.

Before you know it, Stephanie agreed to bring Sophie home.

She was thrilled because Sophie was her "perfect" dog.

But there's more...

because Stephanie brought Sophie home, the breeders made sure she got one of the pups from Sophie's last litter.

And Honey came home to her mom and her sister.

And that's how this little family came together.

Isn't it the best story?


Stephanie's favorite memory is picking Sophie up after she had her puppies and was ready to come home. She stood outside the breeders waiting and Sophie ran straight to her like they had never left each other.

And we know any dog owner understands how this feels.

The three girls are total foodies.

They love everything. Right now they're obsessed with bully sticks and beef cheeks.

Kitty, Sophie and Honey are Celebrities here at Sock Doggo.

Their story makes me smile.

Do you have a sweet pup that would make an amazing Celebrity Doggo?

We search for new Celebrities every three months. Please apply below:

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